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Instruments and metrics

Key features

This is a basic information about influencer, which lets made some conclusions. It can help determine the main topic and viability of blogger. This unit contains:

  • Enagement Rate
  • Reach
  • Language / State
  • Avg likes / Comments

Account's quality

This block contains metrics, which reflect the level of engagement of audience and its quality:

  • Audience activity
  • Audience quality

Interests of influencer

A useful information about the topics of posts during the selected period of time. It reflects the specialization of influencer.

Key features of audience

This is the basic information about the followers. In the reports it is shown in charts and diagrams. From this unit you will learn such information about followers:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geography
  • Language

Quality of audience

This parameter is based on analysis of activity and engagement. This is a percentage of real people, influencers (famous bloggers, whose opinion is very credible), bots, massfollowers and other suspicious users.

Interests of audience

It reflects, what topics of posts from a certain influencer lead to the best feedback from followers.

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Analytic Samples

Look at some examples of what reports are like. You get all the information in a visual and easy to understand manner.

In a convenient format

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Instagram fakes, cheats and bots and how to spot it

Popularity leads to the profit. This belief is the basis of cheating not only on Instagram, but also on other social networks. If an influencer has got many followers and likes from them, the benefits are obvious: the audience increase; advertising contracts; possibility of collaborations with other inflencers. Numerous platforms hand out various promises: fast account growth; lively people; ... and very low prices.

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Questions and answers

Need a brief intro to the basics of influencer marketing? Be in the picture of how the modern market is organized and which metrics we use in our services and where they can be useful.

Did not find the answer to the question?

Analytics is interesting and simple. write to us and understand right now!

What is an influencer on social media?

Influencers are just rather popular bloggers with quality content. The key thing is that they influence the opinion of numerous followers on a particular issue. Their point of view matters and can have a great impact on the audience.

What is ER?

A popular metric for assessing how an audience perceives content on a influencer’s page and responds to it. When calculating the engagement rate, the number of likes, views and comments is taken into account. As a result, you can understand how the audience is active and interested in content.

How to segment a real audience?

In order to understand who will actually see your ad, you need to know the real audience of the influencer. To acheive this, before analyzing the audience, you need to remove the bots and auto-signed accounts from the influencer's subscribers.

What is a suspicion accounts in influencer's audience?

It's not credible accounts. We analyze accounts in the audience by a variety of parameters: objects on the avatar, the authenticity of the text in the account and posts description, the count of posts, the date of creating the account, the ratio of the number of subscriptions to subscribers

What is reach?

A simple and illustrative metric stands for counting the amount of unique users who have seen a post. Coverage represents blogger’s content popularity among his or her audience.

How to understand the audience of the influencer?

To understand and analyse the influencer's audience, you need to 1) clean out bots and mass-followers from the data 2) analyze the audience of real subscribers by their text, photos and geotags 3) make a scopes of the audience for a influencer as a percentages.

Did not find the answer to the question?

Need a brief intro to the basics of influencer marketing? Be in the picture of how the modern market is organized and which metrics we use in our services and where they can be useful.