Advertise with influencers

Advertise with influencers

Today advertisers often use social networks for their campaigns. This is a very promising and rapidly growing marketing field. Both influencers and advertisers benefit: influencers get finances for content creation, whereas agencies and brands gain the consumer audience. Learn about ad placement with influencers and how Hive Analytics can help to simplify this process.

Types of advertising with influencers

Instagram is in the top 10 most visited social networks in Russia. Never ignore it when promoting your product online!

There are 4 types of advertising accounts on Instagram - let’s discuss them now.

Posting or direct advertising

This is the most expensive advertisement, because its price depends on the audience activity at the Instagram page. One may face high expectations and unpredictable results here.

Instagram influencers publish pre-written text that includes a link to the store. In this case the opinion of an influencer matters, and we recommend to discuss the text with an account owner preliminarily and ask him or her to make it more lively and emotional.

Before ordering an advertisement you need to study the audience, its reach and activity first. You can determine the target audience on your own by reading the comments, and Hive Analytic will help collect other data and guarantee their accuracy.

Native advertising

Native advertising looks as natural as if it isn't advertising at all. An influencer tells about the product he or she liked and casually mentions the link to the store. The key point here is stealth and vagueness, so that readers wouldn’t understand whether the post is paid or not.

In this case you can simply ask an influencer to publish an advertising post or mention your product in stories. As far as the latter looks more casual, it might be more convincing for the audience.

However, native advertising has at least one significant disadvantage – Instagram publishing algorithms may work in a rather weird way, and the feed doesn’t always show such posts. As for the stories, some users simply don’t follow the links from there.


Recently, most influencers use this type of advertising. They give a special task for their followers. People are usually asked to follow certain accounts and maintain the activity there for some period of time. At the end of the marathon the most active or just a random user receives a reward.

The thing is that the process of tasks completing attracts followers like a game. It keeps them in till the very end of marathon. A business owner may come to an agreement with an influencer on thematic tasks that are interesting for the particular audience.

Why influencers?

Advertising with influencers is very popular nowadays, and it is extremely important to look at what an influencer is writing about. You can get higher reach and sales if select a person whose topics intersect with yours. So, why do companies go for influencers marketing?

  • Profitable barter. A client obviously wins if he or she doesn’t have to pay anything. They simply provide a product or service, which an influencer gets and shares his or her opinion about it with the audience. Keep in mind that barter should be equivalent.
  • Audience trust. Influencers are opinion leaders, whose recommendations really matter for people. Moreover, ordering an advertising post from a reputable person gives a bonus to image and recognition.
  • Great price range. Prices in this market can be high, but competition allows you to find a suitable offer.
  • Various cooperation formats. Advertising can be placed in the influencer profile or stories, arranging joint contests is also popular. Importantly, post can be published for a short or long period of time, which influences both price and effectiveness of advertising.

The main difference between influencers and companies is that one may freely negotiate with influencers. Their price lists are flexible, and influencers themselves are creative. You can come up with some new perspective advertising formats together.

Advertisement placement

Before communicating with influencers one needs to fill his or her website or personal page with quality content. Have a look at few tips for creating a truly effective advertising post:

  • Professional content. The basis for successful advertising are quality photos, videos and posts.
  • Budget set up.The final cost depends on range of parameters: reach, number of followers and their engagement rate.
  • Select a good influencer.Carefully read the content of the selected page. Posts should be the focus of your attention – there must be no prohibited content within them.
  • Analyze the statistical data. You can do it yourself by counting likes and comments or just ask an influencer for page statistics.
  • Talk to influencers.Contact them directly and discuss your possible cooperation. Don’t forget to provide an influencer with a detailed description of the requirements, the desired cost and the advertised product.

Big influencers get many direct messages every day and don’t answer them by themselves. They typically have personal managers who work with offers for advertising. So, you might need to contact such manager if you want to cooperate with a popular person.

Potential pitfalls

Imagine you have invested in advertising, published several posts, but this led to no result at all. Here are some possible reasons for unsuccessful advertising by influencers:

  • laquo;Dead» audience.There are accounts with fake followers and likes, so you need to carefully analyze an influencer’s profile before advertising. Our service Hive Analytic can help you with that.
  • Too much advertising at the page.An influencer can easily lose trust and loyalty of the audience if he or she is not very particular about what to advertise.
  • High rices on advertising. Some Instagram influencers, especially celebrities, set their prices on advertising too high. It might be equally efficient and also much cheaper to order advertising from an influencer with 2 million followers than from a 10 million followers celebrity.
  • No profit for an influencer. Most of novice advertisers don’t think of terms profitable to the influencers. Be creative: for instance, it can be a good idea to provide an influencer with a discount code for their audience.

Keep in mind an important trade rule: don’t agree to the terms of any influencer before you check several other variants. The bigger isn’t always the better: an influencer with a smaller, but more lively and active followers could be a win

Advertising effect

Advertising via influencers’ Instagram pages is not only the most available, but also a truly effective way of attracting new clients. Good news is that you can promote your product efficiently even with a limited budget. Sometimes advertising with microinfluencers can lead to better results than cooperation with most popular celebrities. There are several factors to take into account here:

  • your target audience;
  • followers age;
  • opinion leadership.

Influences advertising can increase both site traffic and sales amount. A simple trick is to order advertising posts from several bloggers, whose audiences are both good but don’t intersect.

What Hive Analytic can suggest

Our service works with account analytics and metrics for brands, agencies and business in general. You only need to go through 5 simple steps:

  • Sign up for our website.Create your login and password in one click.
  • Our manager sends you an email. He or she will provide an access to the personal account and explain how to use it. A manager will also tell all you need to know about our services.
  • Decide who you want to analyze.All you need to do is to upload a list of influencers pages’ addresses into the system. You will further receive an extensive report on each of them.
  • We analyze the accounts. Our system is based on artificial intelligence algorithms that can determine interests, gender, age and geography of the audience. We also take into account quality of influencers’ Instagram posts, check reach, ER and activity in terms of likes and comments. Another important thing that we do for you is analyzing what part of the audience is real.
  • You get a report.It includes the following information about each account: its general quality; topics of posts; interests, gender, age and geographical characteristics of the audience. Another important aspect is data about all activity at the account and the ratio of real and fake followers.

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