What is Engagement Rate (ER) and how to calculate it?

What is Engagement Rate (ER) and how to calculate it?

Engagement rate is a ratio of users’ target actions per single post or time period. Owners of business accounts and groups use it to understand what percentage of followers are truly active at their pages.

How to calculate ER

Social Bakers experts were the first to propose an idea that basic statistics are not enough for understanding quality and popularity of the account. Some groups with fewer followers can be more active and efficient in terms of marketing than others with more followers.

One needs few things to calculate ER:

  • likes;
  • comments;
  • reposts;
  • posts clicks.

The exact combinations and order in them may vary. It depends on what marketers want to achieve with this data. Anyway, the main goal is to receive valuable information about users engagement.

Data calculations can be based on two things:

  1. a followers number;
  2. reach of the posts.

The second option is more popular. Calculations thus take into account followers interaction with publications. The data calculated shows how much people are interested in information. According to the statistics, real number of interactive followers is about 10-20%. Keep in mind that there can be people who are not following the page, but still can see the post and interact with it. No data about actions of such users is taken into account. So, this metric shows only the reaction of followers to the content.

Formulas for calculations

There are different formulas for calculating ER, based on various data:

  • by the number of followers;
  • by posts;
  • by the time period;
  • by other special parameters.

Calculating by the number of followers

One needs to know the number of likes, shares and comments for calculations. This is essential to know the degree of audience involvement in content discussion and distribution.

This method has two significant disadvantages: it doesn’t take into account time period and cannot be used to analyze one particular post. Thus, the formula plays the role of a basic example which needs to be adapted for specific tasks. In its original form it may be useful during the analysis of the new page for the initial assessment of its qualitative and quantitative characteristics.

alculating by posts

Separate calculations for different posts help to get more significant results that can be used for the further content filtering. This allows to detect topics most interesting for followers.

If the value for a certain post exceeds the statistics of other posts, one may conclude that its topic is more attractive for followers. This information can be used for creation of the new content that can increase the engagement rate.

Calculating by the time period

This classic formula was presented by the aforementioned experts from Social Bakers. It is based on two parameters: average daily rate of activity per post and total daily rate. Together they show the effectiveness of each post published on a particular day. This sets the stage for the complex analysis of audience engagement.

The formula shows how both followers and random users react on different posts. It can be used for calculations for any time period in order to see the reaction of users to posts for a rather long time.

Calculating by special parameters

One may use specific calculations for certain reaction parameters. For instance, it’s possible to take into account any clicks besides the standard types of reactions. These can be reactions of a single follower to determine his or her personal ER.

Normal engagement rate

One cannot say exactly that one indicator is high and another is low. ER is very individual because it depends on many factors. There are 4 groups of such factors for Instagram:

  • under 1% – very low;
  • under 3,5% – medium;
  • under 6% – high;
  • over 6% – very high.

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