What is an influencer on social media?

Influencers are just rather popular bloggers with quality content. The key thing is that they influence the opinion of numerous followers on a particular issue. Their point of view matters and can have a great impact on the audience.

What is ER?

A popular metric for assessing how an audience perceives content on a influencer’s page and responds to it. When calculating the engagement rate, the number of likes, views and comments is taken into account. As a result, you can understand how the audience is active and interested in content.

How to segment a real audience?

In order to understand who will actually see your ad, you need to know the real audience of the influencer. To acheive this, before analyzing the audience, you need to remove the bots and auto-signed accounts from the influencer's subscribers.

What is a suspicion accounts in influencer's audience?

It's not credible accounts. We analyze accounts in the audience by a variety of parameters: objects on the avatar, the authenticity of the text in the account and posts description, the count of posts, the date of creating the account, the ratio of the number of subscriptions to subscribers

What is reach?

A simple and illustrative metric stands for counting the amount of unique users who have seen a post. Coverage represents blogger’s content popularity among his or her audience.

How to understand the audience of the influencer?

To understand and analyse the influencer's audience, you need to 1) clean out bots and mass-followers from the data 2) analyze the audience of real subscribers by their text, photos and geotags 3) make a scopes of the audience for a influencer as a percentages.

What is audience quality?

Although activity and engagement of the audience matter, we also need to know some other things - for example, followers of which categories constitute this audience. Quality assessment includes estimating what is the ratio of such categories as bots, mass followers, real followers and influencers among all followers.

Activity spread

We count the distribution of various activities of the followers on the blogger’s page during last 10 posts as a specific ratio of likes and comments. It is represented as a graph according to different posts - so that it gets clear how the activity changes over time.

Average index

An average number of likes and comments for last 12 posts.

Audience subscriptions

The number of subscriptions matters, if we want to analyze the audience reach. For example, accounts with number of followings >1500 probably won’t see a post; from the other hand, users with <500 subscriptions are very likely to read it!

Audience analysis

This graph shows the categories of the audience on the basis of subscribers number. This parameter is important for the analysis of the audience quality.

Audience gender

We analyze photos, names and even grammatical characteristics of the texts to find out the gender composition of the audience.

Audience geography

We define the audience geography by their tags.

Audience interests

We describe interests of the audience through several basic steps: do the semantic and context analysis of their texts in descriptions and posts; take into account references and hashtags; and analyze bloggers in their subscriptions.

How is payment performed?

We accept payments from bank cards and transfer to a bank account.

how is payment performed?

We accept payments from bank cards and transfer to a bank account.

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